Imagine this -

Can you imagine fishing from a boat all night without any luck? At daybreak, a voice calls from shore to ask if you have any fish. When this person learns that you haven't caught any, He suggests that you try another spot nearby, which produces a good catch. You then realize that the "someone" on the beach is a friend of yours whom you didn't expect to see at this hour, and you hurry in to greet him. Upon arriving, you find He already has a fire of burning coals with fish cooking on it and some bread as well. He says to bring some of the fish you have just caught, and to come and have breakfast.

The preceding is a condensed version of the disciples' experience with Jesus as stated in John 21, verses 1 through 12. The person on the shore is none other than Jesus, the risen Christ. And you just imagined yourself to be a fisherman, and His friend.

Realize this -

There is another, more important relationship that the disciples had with Jesus which was established prior to friendship; and that is one of Jesus as Lord and Master. Although the Son of God referred to Himself many times as the "Son of Man", He is also our Emmanuel or "God with us". If you want to know God, then you must meet Him. Are you ready?