Never asked questions (mostly) -

Q. Why is your site a dot “com”, instead of “net” or “org”? (Actually, this question was asked just once before!)
A. Well, several reasons really. I had thought of the latter two as possibilities, but quickly realized that there is no one else here with me doing this work. There is no networking or collaboration of people, or organizations of any kind behind SWTB as far as the construction and content.  All that is on the site is due to His inspiration at work in me; if any praise or recognition comes from it, to Him alone is the glory due. Next, I consider SWTB to be about the Master's business (see JN 14:15), and as such, is worthy of the “com” extension. And lastly, I guess I imagined that someday, there would be some revenue involved, which would help with the expenses. I had looked into 501 C3 type approach, but it was too much for my poor brain, as I have my hands full with figuring out what is happening now.

Q. Your music is okay, but can't you do any better?
A. Thankyou, and well, yes and no. There are some songs that I was able to really improve on, after they were posted. These, I haven't the time to redo and the real question would be “why bother?”  The truth contained in the song is what's important.  So, perhaps some songs were posted too soon, but one can't be sure of how long one has to refine something, let alone, just get it done.  As one great pastor said, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly.”  So, I think...better than nothing.  There is one thing I hope to do, and that is make all the music availble for easy download, with one click. These audio files would also be a slightly better quality than the existing mp3s, and would provide a nicer listener experience. Trouble is, they are bigger in size, so I need to work on that.

Q. Why does your name appear on most everything along with a copyright inference?
A. Ah, a good never asked question. Actually, my intension is that everything (messages, essays and music) is free to the end user; viz., the individual or small group, to have and use, as well as to freely distribute to others. I am not looking for the credit, as much as I am the control over the site content with regards to some other entity re-publishing the SWTB material without my knowledge.

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