About us -

It's always a challenge to accurately describe something. With regards to the content of this site, there is no "us", I am solely responsible for what is here. On the other hand, I have been married for so many years to the most wonderful woman, that there is more to me than meets the eye. Think of the words, "the two shall become as one". Indeed, this does happen in an amazing way. So, in this sense there is still an "us", even when it's just me.

My wife and I have a relationship that is certainly a blessing from God. Over time we have come to know each other so well that we seem to have similar thoughts with regards to what's next in our lives and how to approach it. And yes, we do finish each others sentences at times and share many perspectives on life in general. I am providing you with this information with a purpose in mind; to illustrate the fact the the more time you spend with someone, the better you will know who they are.

I suppose this ABOUT US page could really be about me, my interests in music, boats, outdoor activities, as well as my personal beliefs, etc. But this site is not about that. Nor is it about religion, doctrine or denominations. Its purpose is to help you find the simple truths that you need to know about in order to decide spiritual matters for youself.

The first of which is this; you need to know God in a personal way. For this to occur, you have to want it to happen. There is nothing I can say or do to effect that. You must, as some point, make a decision to seek Him and subsequently take the time to do so.

Have you met Jesus? Do you know Jesus as your Saviour? If it were in my power, I would introduce you to Jesus, for I know it would be good for you to meet Him; if you would call saving your life a good thing (I know I would!).

This then, is my vision and purpose and what we are about. To that end I am hopeful that my music and messages will be helpful. But I am also mindful that it is only by the blessings of God's Holy Spirit that any of us succeed in any degree, for scripture says “They will all be taught of God.”. This we ask for you, in His name.

Email me at stephenbriggs33@gmail.com