Who Knew?  - C. Austin Miles

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1. Dwelling In Beulah Land - Sing Along

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A particular joy for many Christians is finding a new friend in Christ along life's way.  In today's world, such occurences may not happen that frequently outside of the Church.  There is, however, a similar opportunity for a "meeting of the minds" to occur within the pages of books and hymnals which the saints of old have left on record.

This aspect of church history is simply amazing for it's depth and scope, but perhaps not that surprising when we consider that it is the great love for the Lord Jesus which they express.

C. A. Miles also wrote "In The Garden" and many other texts and hymns. More of his Biography can be read at Hymnary, but if you love the Word of the Lord and find comfort in resting in it, then you should find in the words of this hymn a kindred soul.